The hypothesis

1. feb, 2018
There is one thing I do not understand. Why is not the public health care interested? That a type 2 diabetic can get rid of his/her symptoms by eating a strict LCHF diet
Two hypotheses lie here in the background:
1. Cholesterol hypothesis
2. Calorie hypothesis
These hypotheses have led us completely wrong. The cholesterol hypothesis says that you can not eat saturated fat, because then cholesterol rises in your blood. And if cholesterol rises in the blood, the risk of heart disease increases.
The cholesterol hypothesis really misleads us. The yellow fingers, which can be a consequence of smoking, do not mean that the yellow color causes heart problems.
As for the calorie hypothesis, doctors can sit on TV and say that it does not matter where calories come from. You may have to demand a little more critical reporters here, I should say..
It's as good to eat princess cake, says the "knowledgeable" doctor.
Of course that's just so wrong. A piece of cake or a pizza raises insulin levels DIRECTLY. That does not a well-made LCHF dessert or a dinner on the roast with lots of melted butter do, regardless of calorie amount. Believe me. I have tested !!
A hypothesis should be tested. This means that a single test that contradicts the hypothesis will lead to a change in the hypothesis. I'm one of many who shows that the hypotheses are wrong.
Does it seem time to change the hypotheses now ?!